Expertise In Automobile Glass Installation Service

We have a group of professional technicians for the installation of different automobile glasses which guarantees safety and leakproof. You are welcome to contact us at 2333 1282.

Product Review

Front & Back Windscreen Glass

All our products are imported from Europe & Asia with the original package to guarantee quality.


Types of front windscreen glass:
1) Laminated Glass
2) IR-UV-Cut Glass 
3) Head-up Display Glass

4) Lightweight Glass


Types of back windscreen glass:
1) Glass With Heating Wires
2) Glass With Antennas
3) PDLC Dimming Glass

4) IR-UV-Cut Glass

5) Lightweight Glass

Other Products

1. We provide all kinds of vehicle-side window glasses and panoramic sunroof glasses.

2. We offer various automobile glass components for sales. For any enquiries, you are welcome to contact us.